Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hat of the Month Club - WorldHat01 - Holland

Inspired by the hat  I knit over the recent Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (link at bottom of post), I've embarked on a new design series, World Hats, which kicks off my new Hat of the Month Club.

Once we've run out of countries (how many are there anyway?!), we'll move on to other themes: suggestions and requests welcome.

My first Hat of the Month Club World Hat is Holland, a gift for my Dutch husband.

I've done the sketches, rough graph, and first test swatch (pretty bad - the windmills look like bowling pins wearing bows!)

I've since made some revisions to the pattern and will be knitting up a final version this weekend.Stay tuned for instructions and a knit-along video!

Next up, Canada, then Scotland, France, then Japan.

Here's the link to my Ravelry page, with the finished Witch Cats hat shown.

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